A Fortune 500 company hopes to open a new facility in Dubuque next spring and bring more than 40 high-paying jobs to the community.

Crown Holdings, a manufacturer of packaging for consumer products, is planning to lease a 111,000-square-foot space in an existing building at 7500 Chavenelle Road in Dubuque Industrial Center West. Details of the company’s plan were included in documents submitted to the Dubuque City Council ahead of its Monday meeting.

City Council members will be asked to authorize the submission of an application to the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

Within this application, Crown Holdings outlines plans to create 42 jobs in Dubuque, all of which will start at $22.85 per hour or higher. Thirty-three positions are described as manufacturing jobs, while the remaining nine are split between management and administrative duties.

The manufacturing wages would be bumped to $28.30 within 36 months, while the administrative and management jobs would increase to $31.50 and $51.20, respectively, in that time frame.

The company’s plans are contingent on the approval of state and local assistance.

“These are really good jobs,” said Dubuque Economic Development Director Jill Connors. “We are pleased to get those higher-wage jobs in the community, and we feel it is good for our economic growth.”

Rick Dickinson, president and CEO of Greater Dubuque Development Corp., offered a similar take.

“The compensation levels that have been identified by the company are extremely competitive in our environment and could put upward pressure on manufacturing wages in our community,” he said.

He noted that the manufacturing and supervisory positions created by Crown Holdings would require “skill and expertise.”

“These jobs are right up our alley,” he said.

Crown Holdings did not respond to a request seeking comment for this story.

The Pennsylvania-based company creates packaging for aerosol cans, beverages, food and other various products. It employs more than 33,000 people and operates nearly 250 manufacturing plants throughout the world.

The company would invest $4.9 million in its move to Dubuque, most of which would be spent on the transfer of existing equipment and the acquisition of new equipment.

According to city documents, Crown Holdings is applying to the Iowa Economic Development Authority for $239,567 in tax credits and refunds and a forgivable loan of $250,000. The local match for this assistance would be provided through a $200,000 loan from East Central Intergovernmental Association.

Additionally, Northeast Iowa Community College would provide nearly $485,000 in job training funds and more than $77,000 in new jobs tax credits, according to city documents.

The building at 7500 Chavenelle Road is owned and occupied by Hodge Co.

Dickinson noted that Hodge’s willingness to lease out its space was integral in attracting Crown Holdings.

“Without that, we wouldn’t have been in the hunt for this company,” he said. “They were looking for an existing facility.”

CEO Tim Hodge said Crown Holdings has been an “active and good” corporate citizen in the communities in which it already resides. He said he’s excited the company will bring “good, quality jobs” to Dubuque.

“They are a good company and will be here for quite some time,” he said. “We are glad to have them.”

Hodge expects the company to arrive in Dubuque at some point in the spring.

The arrival of Crown Holdings could prompt Hodge Co. to construct a new building for its own use, Hodge said. He noted that this new structure might also be located within Dubuque Industrial Center West.

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