American Players Theatre

American Players Theatre near Spring Green, Wis., will host performances of “Macbeth.”

Play: “Macbeth”

Performers: American Players Theatre.

Times/dates: Opens 8 p.m. Friday, June 21, and runs through Friday, Oct. 4.

Site: Hill Theater, 5950 Golf Course Road, Spring Green, Wis.

Cost: $57-85. Tickets are available at


Home from a great military victory, brave Macbeth is granted a new title by King Duncan. But after he stumbles upon a trio of witches, Macbeth believes he can do better than Thane of Cawdor. With the support of his Lady, he decides that King of Scotland sounds good to him. When King Duncan pays a visit, blood begins to spill and it doesn’t stop until the end.


  • The show will be directed by James DeVita, assisted by Erin Nicole Eggeres, with music by Josh Schmidt; voice and text coaching by Sara Becker; and costume design by Daniel Tyler Mathews.
  • The cast will include Marcus Truschinski as Macbeth; Melisa Pereyra as Lady Macbeth; Triney Sandoval as King Duncan; Laura Rook as Banquo, Thane of Scotland; Cristina Panfilio as Duncan’s child, Malcom; Gavin Lawrence as Thane of Scotland; and Tracy Michelle Arnold, Carolyn Ann Hoerdemann and Samantha Newcomb as the weird sisters.

Maddie McCarron

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