Supreme Court takes appeal in judge selection law case

DES MOINES — The Iowa Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal of a lawsuit challenging a new state law that changed the way some judges are selected in Iowa.

A state court judge last month dismissed the lawsuit filed in May by a group of lawyers and Democratic lawmakers against Gov. Kim Reynolds, saying they didn’t have legal standing to challenge the law.

The new law gave the governor an additional appointment to the 17-member state judicial nominating commission, meaning the governor will appoint the majority of members.

The lawsuit alleged the vote of the commission’s lawyer members was diluted and that the law is an unconstitutional overreach by the legislative branch into the judicial branch.

The commission nominates justices for the Iowa Supreme Court and the Iowa Court of Appeals.

Judge: Former Grinnell College student’s lawsuit can go to trial

DES MOINES — A federal judge will let a jury decide a lawsuit against Grinnell College that challenges the way the Iowa school handles sexual misconduct complaints.

The lawsuit was filed in March 2017 by a male student identified only as John Doe, who was expelled in 2016 after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

Judge Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger concluded in a ruling filed Tuesday that he has adequately shown that gender bias could have been a motivating factor in his dismissal and he may not have received a fair and impartial review of his appeal.

The student had sex with a female student. She said she willingly participated in the sex and didn’t initially pursue a complaint but the college launched an investigation and later sought her participation.

Doe, who lives in the state of Washington, is seeking emotional and psychological damages, damage to reputation, past and future economic losses, loss of educational and athletic opportunities and loss of future career prospects.

A trial is set for Sept. 18.

Officials: Inmates assault prison staffersFORT MADISON — Iowa prison officials say inmates assaulted three staff members on duty at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison.

The Iowa Corrections Department said in a news release that the assault occurred Thursday morning. Officials said a preliminary investigation shows two inmates assaulted another inmate with several sharpened objects. Correctional officers responded, and three suffered minor injuries in the course of subduing the attacking inmates. Officials said it did not appear that the officers were cut by the attackers.

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