It is a little known fact that Milton Friedman, an outspoken free market capitalist, supported a “communist/socialist” guaranteed income!

And, of course, opponents of social services must also be against the old-age pension and the police and fire departments — all these where services are provided regardless of income or social class.

The Nordic countries, with their wealth distribution through socialistic welfare policies, have a higher life expectancy and have lower maternal and infant mortalities than most countries.

The criticism of a guaranteed annual income is that people will decline to work and stay home. I doubt that physicians with their $299,000 yearly income will stop working when they receive their basic-needs income! Nor will dentists and anyone making over the basic-needs income.

As for universal basic income, it is inevitable. Robotics and artificial intelligence will replace most of the jobs done by the middle class. It has been predicted that by 2030, 50% of all jobs will be replaced. Think driverless trucks, for example.

Who will buy the items produced by robotic machines? Not the workers without jobs! A universal basic income will be a necessity to provide the money needed to purchase the products of the robotic industries.

How to pay for universal basic income? First, there are welfare programs we can eliminate entirely. Add a tax on stock market transactions. And go to wherever we found the off-the-books trillion dollars for the illegal Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

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