I oppose the Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line. I believe the public has not been made fully aware of the facts related to new technologies that will make transmission lines obsolete.

I recently completed a grueling week of Wisconsin Public Service Commission hearings in Madison, as an intervener opposing Cardinal-Hickory Creek (Docket 5-CE-146).

We heard testimony from a number of noted engineers on the newest methods of energy generation that don’t need huge transmission lines and windmills to function.

New technology has outdated cross-country transmission lines such as the proposed Cardinal-Hickory Creek. New technologies involving battery storage and solar are much greener and also more efficient than wind power and transmission lines.

Individual, business and municipal local solar generation and battery storage will make our communities thrive. New technologies developed and installed by local people will stimulate our economies instead of destroying our views and environment.

New technologies are unobtrusive and will make us independent — not dependent on far-away investors.

We have to ask ourselves:

In 10 years, will we have rotting infrastructure dotting our rural communities or will we have a resilient, self-dependent community with more of our money staying in our local area?

Will we be a place where tourists want to come and experience nature or will we look like the outskirts of Chicago, with transmission lines running everywhere?

Will our energy usage be controlled by foreign investors or will we be independent?

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