Lock him up.

Once again, Trump adds more reasons for impeachment. More clear-cut evidence of aiding and abetting the enemy. Acts of treason.

He travels the world with his child advisers, on behalf of all Americans. In doing so, he embarrasses us by joking with the autocrat Putin, receives and accepts love letters from the North Korean tyrant, is in bed with the Saudi murderers, being played like a fiddle by some of the worst regimes in the world.

He tries to suppress the media, except for his “cabinet members” from Fox News.

If all the above is not bad enough, Trump calls our allies names like the eighth-grade kid and bully.

These actions are done by spineless tweets.

He backs out of our international deals that would benefit our country and the world.

Can you imagine if a Democratic president behaved in this manner? What would McConnell and Graham call for then?

It will take years to repair Trump’s damage.

The House must unite.

Impeach. Take the action history demands. We know the spineless pull-toys of Trump, the Senate and the Supreme Court, will block this action. Our only recourse is our vote in 2020, then lock him up.

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