President Trump, please stop wasting our tax dollars.

It baffles me that the Republican Party who condemns wasteful spending lets this current president spend our tax dollars needlessly.

For example, his golf outings seem to happen almost two to three times per month. It is estimated it costs us the taxpayers $3 to $4 million each time he plays golf at his Trump hotels, which his family gets reimbursed for this.

Then the whole Trump administration, Cabinet and family goes to England recently and spends $18 million of our tax dollars. Why?

Now, President Trump gets a parade for himself in Washington, D.C., which includes tanks and airplanes, all because France had a big parade when he was visiting over there.

A parade is for our troops, and not a person who is president.

Our tax dollars could be better spent elsewhere, don’t you think?

When is the Republican party going to stand up to the president and say enough is enough on his spending habits?

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