The transmission builder’s economic projections were given a knockout punch in the last round by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

In their final environmental impact statement released by the engineers of the commission, they carefully evaluated the economic performance of the proposed Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line under 11 Wisconsin “energy futures.” Eight of these futures are more realistic than those the transmission builders have suggested, meaning only three would have the ability to deliver a few pennies’ worth of savings.

The bigger concern is paying for $270 billion in power plants! The transmission companies don’t talk about them.

The good news is non-transmission alternatives based on energy efficiency, solar, batteries, etc., on our homes, businesses and farms, would deliver $1.4 billion in savings over 40 years. Comparing cost benefits, the Public Service Commission report shows that the economic and environmental advantages of transmission expansion is a designed loser on both accounts.

It’s imperceptible what this transmission line is going to cost southwest Wisconsin if the proposal is approved. Wisconsin law requires all proposed transmission lines to deliver a reasonable amount of economic savings. Our electric bills should be lowered, not raised.

The other three futures would save us 8 to 25 cents per month. Always remember that added to this is the $270 billion in power plant costs.

I ask the public to attend one of the three hearings: Tuesday, June 25 in the Youth and Ag Building, 916 E. Elm St., Lancaster; Wednesday, June 26, at the Public Service Commission, 4822 Madison Yards Way, Madison; or Thursday, June 27, Dodger Bowl Lanes, 318 King St., Dodgeville. All meeting times are 2 and 6 p.m.

Numbers count. Please show up. Our destiny is in our own hands. The Public Service Commission will attend. Ask questions, or listen and learn.

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