Want to take your children to one of our beautiful parks for a day of nature and fun? How about Swiss Valley, nestled deep in our natural environment? Or a weekend of camping at Massey? Connect with nature, the peace and quiet, wildlife. A family celebration, a picnic, outdoor games, sitting around a campfire for quality family time away from it all. Ahhh. But wait! Not so fast there, Nature Lover!

Not content with opening our county roads as private ATV trails, Supervisor Baker wants to allow ATVs in our parks and campgrounds so they can “access services.” Wouldn’t want ATV riders to miss out on “accessing services” the rest of us mere mortals can drive actual vehicles to!

Apparently ATV owners can only access the bar at Massey on an ATV. And what fun to race around Swiss Valley on an ATV while the others “accessing services” walk or ride bicycles! Don’t even get me started on the perfection of Heritage Trail for ATVs! Can’t wait!

Please Mr. Baker, continue with your absurdity. Supervisor Wickham is a member of the Conservation Board (I know, right? Seems like a conflict! The Conservation Board (Jay) goes to the supervisors (Jay) for funding … so the one asking for money is the same one granting money. Messy.) If history is accurate, Jay will be in lockstep with Dave on this.

You nature lovers can get over your desire to use our county-funded parks and campgrounds safely and peacefully. ATVs rule!

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