I recognize it’s easy to criticize the efforts of others, but when I heard Gov. Reynolds announcing the new statewide marketing campaign “This is Iowa,” I literally laughed out loud. Did she finally realize where she lived? The recent drop in the U.S. News and World Report standings, from first place in 2018 to 14th in 2019, apparently jarred a few heads in the statehouse.

The emphasis of this campaign is designed to “overcome the myth that Iowa is not a good place to live, work, and play.” A closer look at the standards for the rankings exposes that one of the major factors is the quality of health care. The continuing “see no evil” posture of Reynolds and the Republican-dominated Legislature on the Medicaid debacle is literally leaving people on the street and some of them for dead. Perhaps reminding folks where we all live is the best they could come up with while they turn their back to over 600,000 Iowans.

Those of us with special-needs family members who require extended care are weary of Reynolds’ denials of the obvious. Medicaid in the state of Iowa is in shambles. They broke it, and they need to work to roll back what is in any objective measure a complete failure. No one doubts the virtue of telling our stories to invite people and commerce to our state. We’ll just need to ask folks to skip over the chapter on health care.

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