How many of you saw the interview with the mother who was seeking asylum at our southern border? She brought her 2-year-old daughter because they would have been killed if they had stayed in their country. She reported that the officials separated her from her daughter, saying she would play in a nursery while her mother did paperwork. What the mother didn’t realize was that the “paperwork” she signed gave up her daughter.

When I remember how fiercely I loved and protected my own babies, my heart breaks for her. She has no way to ever find her child again, because our government has not kept track of these children. Donald Trump is the monster who has ordered this despicable program.

And who has been standing next to Donald Trump, validating his actions, from putting kids in cages to putting tariffs on China; China who now refuses to buy Iowa grain in retaliation? Joni Ernst. Is this the person we want to represent Iowa in the Senate? It’s time for a change. Joni Ernst is up for re-election. We must vote Joni Ernst out of office, as well as the bloviating buffoon she supports. Iowa is better than this.

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