Despite recent progress for the LGBTQ+ community, transgender people still face daily discrimination and danger simply for existing.

One in five trans people has been denied the fundamental right to health care. Transgender people are being murdered at astonishing rates, and it’s only getting worse.

Members of the transgender community cannot wait any longer. We need a president who will stand up for us and champion our human rights. That’s why I’m supporting Cory Booker for president.

Cory co-sponsored the Equality Act of 2019, legislation that explicitly bans discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals, making it clear that trans rights are human rights when the majority of states still do not have explicit LGBTQ+ non-discrimination laws.

In Davenport, Cory committed to reversing Trump’s nonsense ban on transgender Americans serving in our military. Then, Cory used his platform on the presidential debate stage to call attention to the alarming murder rate of black trans women.

As president, Cory has pledged to repeal the “refusal rules” implemented by the Trump administration that allow health care providers to deny trans people necessary and life-saving health care coverage due to their personal beliefs.

It is time for a president who prioritizes the needs of the trans community. Cory Booker has been a strong ally throughout his tenure in the Senate, and he will continue to be one after he is elected president.

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