Where are the adults in the Democratic Party, the ones who voted for Bill Clinton? Clinton advocated moving in the opposite direction than the party has taken since. Clinton made people work to get welfare. He was all about personal responsibility. Where are the Democrats who agreed with their leaders on illegal immigration and abortion a few short years ago now that those leaders’ positions have changed 180 degrees? A country can only vote in socialism, not out.

Could the United Socialist States of America have defeated Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan? It is more likely today’s Democrats would have been impressed by their social order.

I understand the millennials’ infatuation. The education system failed them first with a faulty education, then a degree they can’t use and/or debt they can’t pay. Bernie Sanders and company talk about what they are going to provide, but nothing of the responsibility of the recipient. Is the person getting free college required to prepare, study, pass the courses? Will the government pay for my degree in underwater basket weaving?

Is the person getting free health care required to take care of themselves, eat right, exercise, not smoke crack? Does the kid who just worked through college to pay for it get a refund? Does the person guaranteed a “living wage” have to meet some minimum required quantity and quality of work?

If you want socialism, have it, but leave the rest of us out. You will come crawling back.

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