Grant County officials recently requested proposals on six parcels of land around the county’s law enforcement center in Lancaster. Two parcels that include that structure were not among them.

Communication equipment in the building still is being used by the Grant County Sheriff’s Department. That comes even with the new, $25 million Grant County Community Services Building, which will house the sheriff’s department and county jail, as well as other agencies.

The department’s new communications provider, RACOM, has recommended that the communication equipment stay in place until a new communications tower can be built.

The department currently has its main communications tower on the radio transmitter owned by Queen B Radio Wisconsin on the north side of Lancaster. A smaller tower has been installed next to the new county government building that will be linked to the current tower.

Proposals for the remaining six parcels, which include the former county Job Service Building, are due July 8. County officials will select the proposal that supports “the highest and best use of the property.” The sale of the property is subject to approval by the county supervisors.

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