MINERAL POINT, Wis. — The Mineral Point Unified School District passed two referenda questions in Tuesday’s election.

In one measure, the district requested to be able to issue up to $11.92 million in bonds for the renovation of and construction of an addition on the district’s elementary school building.

They would include code, maintenance and ADA improvements along with parking, bus lane, site and stormwater improvements.

About 54 percent voted in favor of it, with 1,116 voting yes and 961 voting no.

The second measure was a resolution authorizing the school district budget to exceed its revenue limit by $350,000 on a recurring basis to finance ongoing operational expenses. That question passed with about 59 percent support, with 1,215 voting yes and 856 voting no.

“We are grateful for the results of this election and for the ongoing engagement and support of our community,” Interim Superintendent Mitch Wainwright said in a Facebook post. “The results affirm the work of many stakeholders in developing these plans for our students, staff, and community.”

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