PLATTEVILLE, Wis. — After about a year of development, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s 2019-24 Strategic Plan soon will be released to the public.

Unlike previous iterations, administrators intend for the plan to be a “living document.”

“We never made it a living, learning part of our daily decision-making,” said Paige Smith, vice chancellor of administrative services. “This plan is looking to the future.”

Administrators declined to provide a draft copy to the Telegraph Herald, but estimated it will be available in August.

Every six months, the strategic plan will be reviewed to determine whether objectives are being met.

“It creates a culture of ongoing assessment of whether or not we’re achieving the outcomes that we’re seeking,” said UW-Platteville Chancellor Dennis Shields.

The document will include three overarching goals — support of “transformative” education, student recruitment and strategic investment and use of resources.

While not a comprehensive list, Smith recently outlined to the Platteville Common Council some of features of the three goals.

Of the first, administrators hope to build on curricular strengths by offering and expanding in-demand programs, including distance and online learning, while considering whether to invest in those that are not seeing high student enrollment.

Additionally, they hope to create a welcoming and safe community that fosters education, by continuing to offer campus diversity education initiatives.

Promoting recruitment will involve continued outreach to K-12 schools and communities across the tri-state region.

Finally, a targeted use of resources might include investment in renewable energy on campus with solar panels and wind turbines in the pursuit of becoming self-sufficient.

In formulating the new plans, six councils oversaw the drafting of goals related to academic experience, student recruitment, student retention, campus climate, fiscal planning and community and corporate partnerships. Membership included faculty, staff, students and representatives from UW-Platteville’s two branch campuses.

Feedback also was solicited from stakeholders online and at campus meetings.

A steering committee and university administrators whittled down the objectives to be included in the final document.

“A resounding theme was student success,” Smith said. “We’ve had enrollment challenges in the last few years and we have put a lot of time and effort into determining how to increase our enrollment, how to increase our student retention and how to ensure our students graduate and ... are successful in their future endeavors.”

The new document stands in contrast to previous strategic plans, which were drafted, then “put on a shelf,” she said.

Administrators said the new plan also is incomparable to the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan because the previous document lacked targeted metrics.

“Previous strategic plans … can tell you about all the activities (staff) engaged in, but they can’t tell you whether those activities are actually moving them toward accomplishing a goal,” Shields said.

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