The Federal Aviation Administration has approved $537,237 for the Dubuque Regional Airport through its Airport Improvement Program.

The money — alongside a $55,000 local match — will be used to update the airport’s master plan, according to Airport Manager Robert Grierson. He said these updates typically are made every 12 to 15 years. The airport’s last update was in 2004.

“We’re due,” Grierson said. “The plans we had in the last master plan called for a new terminal, expanding general aviation. We’ve accomplished that. Where do we go now?”

The Dubuque Regional Airport Commission applied for the grant in August. Since then, it has used local match funds to begin the update.

Commission members already have hired a consultant to lead the process. Kauffman Associates updated the airport’s master plan in 2004 and was selected to do so once again.

“The industry — not just airline but general aviation — has changed tremendously,” Grierson said. “We’re seeing fewer propeller planes. We’re seeing more smaller business jets. How do we fit into that? What do you have and what do you need?”

Grierson could not provide a timeline since the airport has not received the full grant document. However, he said the effort will include extensive public input gathering over the next year.

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