6 Spring Car Maintenance Tips to Tackle Right Now

Winter often makes being outdoors uncomfortable for you and your family and it’s no picnic for cars and trucks either. So it’s a good idea to bring your wheels to your local dealer for a maintenance checkup before spring arrives. Here are some of the items an experienced mechanic will address to get your vehicle in tiptop condition after a brutal winter.

1. Tires and Suspension

According to Shane Burtzlaff, service advisor at Anderson-Weber Toyota in Dubuque, Iowa, the focus this time of the year should be on tires and suspension. He always makes sure pressure is at the level it should be and the vehicle’s alignment is correct to keep tires from wearing unevenly and losing their tread prematurely.

“Winter can be tough on tires. With the fluctuation in temperatures, the pressure can change,” he points out.

2. A Reliable Battery

Burtzlaff says winter weather can also cause problems for batteries, so you should have an expert make sure yours is charged up and ready to go. You don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck to arrive because your battery failed you.

3. Change Your Oil

Motor oil doesn’t last forever. In fact, according to Burtzlaff, the conventional variety should be changed every 5,000 miles, while synthetic oil lasts for 10,000 miles. It’s a good idea to have your local dealer take care of that when you bring your vehicle in for its post-winter checkup.

4. Check Out Your Wiper Blades

Ice can be hard on wiper blades, so you should consider changing yours every spring, especially after a difficult winter.

5. Your Fuel System

Burtzlaff points out that most people see a significant drop in their gas mileage during the winter months, in part because deposits tend to build up in your car’s fuel line and fuel tank. Your dealer can solve that problem by flushing out the entire system so your vehicle will run at an optimum level.

“Sometimes you get fuel from the bottom of a gas station’s tank, and there are byproducts down there that can end up in your fuel system,” he says. “Not all fuel is created equal. There is subpar gas out there. You get what you pay for in that respect.”

6. Change Your Cabin Filter

Your cabin filter cleans the air that comes through your heating and air conditioning into the interior of your car. It is the last line of defense between you and the pollen that usually fills the air in the spring. If it’s dirty, it can’t do its job properly, and cabin filters have a habit of becoming clogged unless changed.

After you have a mechanic take care of your vehicle’s tires, suspension, fuel system, oil and wipers, you might want to finish your spring checkup with a thorough washing. After all, the salt, sand and chemicals used to make driving safer during the winter also tend to cause premature rust and ruin your paint job.

Are you looking for an experienced mechanic to make sure you car or truck survived the winter in good shape and is ready for the spring? The well-trained auto service and repair department at Anderson-Weber Toyota has only one goal in mind: making sure your Toyota runs as efficiently as possible. Visit AndersonWeberToyota.com or call 888-732-5357 to make an appointment today.

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