Before the national media works itself and the rest of the nation into a frenzy, we all need to take a deep breath.

And maybe send up a prayer or two for the republic.

The prayer should be one of gratitude.

We have a constitutional system built to withstand crisis and uncertainty.

We are coming through the pandemic in tact and the country will weather the president’s health crisis.

If it is necessary, the 25th Amendment can be invoked and Vice President Mike Pence can stand in for the president. That is a worst-case scenario.

But he is able and stability is assured.

The country will be fine with fewer campaign rallies and debates. Shifting staffing at the White House, below the presidential level, is no big deal. And the markets will stabilize.

We will be fine. We are fine.

Meanwhile, a second prayer is in order for the president’s health and for his family and their health.

This is what we do in America when things get tough and our leaders are down. We come together and act like the great spirited people we are supposed to be.


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