Question: Dear Ed: I’m looking to replace my kitchen faucet. Between cooking meals, my children grabbing at the faucet spout and daily cleaning tasks, I need a faucet that works like a tool. Can you please give me info on semipro kitchen faucets? — Joy, New York

Answer: A semiprofessional kitchen faucet is a residential version of a heavy-duty commercial kitchen faucet.

The most striking feature of a semiprofessional kitchen faucet is its spring-loaded flexible spout and oversized spray head that can be moved in any direction. Tugs and pulls on this type of high-arching spout are easily handled, and it locks into place when not in use.

The spray head can also feature options like power sweep spray rinsing and boost technology for faster pot filling. Also, many semiprofessional kitchen faucets include a temperature memory that keeps a set water temperature even if the flow is turned on and off.

Bottom line: To work like a pro in your kitchen, start by installing a semipro in your kitchen sink.

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