Mark Roling is a coach at heart.

Whether he’s coaching youth in his community or guiding those on his team at Cottingham & Butler in Dubuque, Roling’s ultimate goal is the same: Helping others.

“Any day that I am helping our team solve problems for our customers and prospects is a good day,” the Dubuque man said.

Roling is senior vice president, transportation at Cottingham & Butler. But in every role, professionally and personally in his community, he strives to better himself and others through the relationships he develops.

Roling believes three traits are key to being successful in his pursuit:

  • Be engaged. “You have to take an active role in anything you are part of,” he said. “My parents taught me that anything worth doing is worth doing well.”
  • Learn new things. “You have to be able to be uncomfortable and force yourself into situations you may not fully understand.”
  • Bet on yourself and those around you. “We are all capable of more than what we think we can do.”

Roling was raised in Holy Cross, Iowa, and moved to Dubuque after college. He and his wife, Sara, have three daughters, ages 12, 10 and 7 — most of whom he helps coach.

“Coaching gives me extra opportunities to spend time with my kids while also allowing me to work with a broader set of kids and parents throughout the community,” Roling said.

He enjoys helping the kids develop confidence, teamwork and leadership skills as they work to improve in a sport they enjoy.

“I view athletics as an incredible place to learn a lot about yourself and life in general,” Roling said. “I believe I have a big impact on the kids I coach, and in the end they all have an incredible impact on me.”

Roling’s free time is spent with his family, traveling to see new places, spending time outdoors and attending professional baseball games.

“We are big Cubs fans but also would love to try and see every Major League stadium as a family over time,” he said.

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