When A&G Electric opened in 1983, the only employees were the two owners, Rick Ackley and Wayne Gartner.

The business operated out of Linden’s Propeller Shop located at 480 E. 14th St. Today, there are 45 employees and A&G Electric has become one of the largest locally owned and operated electric companies in the Dubuque area. And, its location is next to Linden’s.

Barney Grobstick, president/owner, started working at A&G 21 years ago. He worked as a technician for six years and as a manager for 10. In 2014, Grobstick and his wife, Michelle, purchased the company from Ackley, her father.

Michelle recently joined A&G after 30 years in the printing industry. Their son, Zach, is the shop foreman and has been with A&G for five years. Son, Carter, is about to complete his second year of working in the field at A&G and has a desire to enter into the electrician apprenticeship.

It offers services for residential repair, new home wiring, commercial repair, plan and build services for restaurants, shops, banks, schools, municipalities, industrial and manufacturing customers. A&G Electric also has expanded services to meet today’s energy and security needs.

“One thing about electrical, is the industry is always improving and adding new services. Smart home technology is always changing and our team has to keep up with training for all of the new items being invented for homeowners,” Grobstick said.

A&G does surveillance installations, burglar alarm, data and generators for residential customers.

“Solar power is our latest endeavor. We’ve partnered with solar installers for the residential, commercial and manufacturing markets,” said Grobstick.

For industrial customers, A&G has a program to provide training at facilities to ensure the safety of the employees.

To help A&G manufacturing partners curb high energy usage bills, power quality service was added. A&G offers energy audits, and lighting and service upgrades for industrial customers.

The A&G service area covers southwest Wisconsin, northwest Illinois and in Iowa, north to Decorah, west to Independence and south to Bellevue. Grobstick added that if an owner elects A&G to go outside the service area, it will provide service. All customers receive 24-hour support.

When asked to name some of its business customers, Grobstick ticks off a long list including Dubuque Bank and Trust, Camso Manufacturing, Tri State Quality Metals, American Tank and Fabrication, 7G Distributing, Dutrac Community Credit Union, Sadler Power Train, Dubuque Stamp and Manufacturing, Hy-Vee, Kennedy Mall, Hirschbach, and Q Casino.

“I’ve been familiar with A&G Electric for several years so when we were in need of electrical services at DuTrac Community Credit Union, I reached out to Bob Curtis (A&G service manager) and as usual, received exceptional service,” said Kim Adams, senior vice president operations and facilities at DuTrac. “Over the past three years, A&G has done numerous projects for DuTrac from LED upgrades at some of our facilities, to remodel electrical work, new construction electrical work as well as handling emergency situations.”

Grobstick said that A&G has anywhere from 15 to 20 contract jobs going on at any one time.

The largest three projects that A&G has served as the electrical contractor for are recent builds: Medline’s 220,000-square-foot facility on Chavenelle Road, the new cancer center at MercyOne Dubuque Medical Center and the Aquatic Center at Dubuque Hempstead High School.

“This is pretty exciting stuff for me. The key is building a great team to take on these big jobs,” he said.

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