Native Dubuquer Dr. Stephanie Sloan takes great pride in her hometown — and hopes to soon showcase the city’s potential to other young professionals.

Sloan, an optometrist and clinical director at Vision Health Center, PC., will soon begin working with optometry students completing their rotations.

She recently was awarded Fellowship of the American Academy of Optometry, a distinction given to less than 10% of practicing optometrists. Sloan was accepted as an adjunct professor, and her clinic was selected as an externship site for fourth-year optometry students from Illinois College of Optometry.

“This will allow me to enhance students’ knowledge of the medical and visual needs of patients in a private optometric setting during their three-month rotation,” she said. “I look forward to working with these students and also introducing them to all that Dubuque has to offer a young professional.”

Sloan lived away from Dubuque for about 10 years before returning to the community.

“I was drawn back to Dubuque as it is such a great family community, and there have been so many exciting areas of growth in the city,” said Sloan, who is married to Luke Flamich. “It really is becoming a wonderful destination for young professionals who are looking for a place to call home.”

Sloan is passionate about providing individualized care to her patients, addressing not only their visual needs but also their systemic health as well.

Her days can entail anything from removing metal from an eye to completing a kindergartener’s school exam to co-managing surgical patients. She enjoys the variety. And she said it’s rewarding to get to know her patients on a personal level and help enhance and preserve their vision.

It always comes back to treating others as you would like to be treated, Sloan said.

“I commonly discuss with patients, ‘If you were my sister … ,’ or ‘If you were my mother, this is how I would want them treated,’” she said. “Of course, providing comprehensive and attentive care for each patient doesn’t happen by myself. We have a very team-oriented practice in which everyone plays a role.”

Sloan has long taken a team approach to living — and serving — in her community, as well.

She serves as a medical advisor for the NICC Medical Assistance Program. Sloan also is involved in Young Professionals of Dubuque, NexGen of Dubuque and Opening Doors.

“My parents, Steve and Julie, have taught my three siblings and me the importance of family and being involved in and giving back to the community from a young age,” she said. “One of my favorite features of Dubuque is all the locally owned businesses and how the community really rallies to support them. I always make an effort to support small businesses as a way to keep our community strong and thriving.”

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