RF Juanita

RF Juanita, the Future Star stakes champion at Iowa Greyhound Park.

RF Juanita proved to be the best to the corner tonight, which propelled her to victory in Iowa Greyhound Park’s Future Star stakes.

“She needed to get out fast to get a chance to win it,” said Jerry Cole, trainer, of the Superior Kennel entrant.

Juanita, BGR Big Foot Joe, of Boeckenstedt Kennel, and North End Jill, of Copper Kettle Kennel, led the pack from the box. Juanita pulled away slightly entering the turn. A strong corner stretched the gap.

“Once she got her nose in front, I started looking for the 1 (BGR Bottom Up) and 8 (BGR Twistedsista). They were the two main threats.”

Any threats by the trailing dogs were stemmed by strong cornering.

“She runs turns really great,” Cole said. “It obviously helped her tonight.”

She posted a 31.35.

Juanita has been in the money in 25 of 26 races this season.

“She’s absolutely having a great season,” Cole said.

BGR Bottoms UP placed, Big Foot Joe showed and Twistedsista was fourth. All are from Boeckenstedt Kennel.

The purse is $30,000. The earnings by finish are: $12,000, $6,000, $3,000, $2,400, $2,100, $1,800, $1,500 and $1,200.

T’s Capt Phasma, of T and T Kennel, won last year and Revin Devon, of Copper Kettle Kennel, won in 2019.


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