LANCASTER, Wis. -- Lancaster Common Council members recently voted to eliminate the mask mandate for city employees working in city facilities, including City Hall, beginning on Monday, May 3.

The motion coincides with the decision to reopen City Hall to the public. During the pandemic, city officials met with visitors by appointment.

Council Member Rose Oliveto said she wanted to see the mask requirement for city employees extended but then voted in favor of it ending on Monday. Only Council Member Shayne LaBudda voted against it.

The motion also allows officials to revert back to meeting with City Hall visitors by appointment, and re-implementing the employee mask mandate, should the number of COVID-19 cases increase.

Masks will continue to be required for visitors to City Hall until Monday, May 24, after council members approved that resolution.

Carlson didn’t agree with that proposal, telling council members before they approved it that “it is going to be awkward to deal with that, requiring the public to wear a mask when coming to City Hall while city employees won’t have to wear a mask.” He said it would be recommended that city employees put on a face covering when interacting with visitors to City Hall.

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