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Officials announced Wednesday that another 21 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Iowa.

The state now has a total of 145 positive cases. Officials announced Tuesday that a Dubuque County resident was the first person in the state to die after a diagnosis.

There have been 2,578 negative tests across the state, according to a press release.


Nearly 130 new cases were reported Wednesday in Wisconsin. The state's total now sits at 585. Six people have died.

More than 10,000 people tested have not had the virus. 

Another 330 cases were confirmed in Illinois on Wednesday. The state now has 1,865 total cases. Nineteen people have died.

About 11,500 people have been tested in the state, though it's unclear how many of those test results have been received.

Where are those confirmed cases in each state? Check out the latest maps:

Coronavirus map - Iowa 3-25-20 - web

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Iowa as of Wednesday morning, March 25.

Coronavirus map - Illinois - 3-25-21 - web

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Illinois as of Wednesday afternoon, March 25. 

Coronavirus map - Wisconsin - 3-25-20 - web

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin as of Wednesday afternoon, March 25.