LANCASTER, Wis. -- The Grant County Board of Supervisors recently took no action last on a proposal to open up county board meetings to in-person attendance.

Supervisor Pat Schroeder led the discussion.

"We need to go back to the way it was where people can go to the meetings," he said. "People are getting Zoom-ed out."

Because a county emergency order remains in effect, supervisors can attend meetings remotely. If it was lifted, supervisors would have to attend in person if they wanted to vote on an action item, as required by county board rules.

Supervisor Carol Beals thought the county board should wait another month to evaluate the level of COVID-19 cases locally.

"We're not out of the pandemic yet," she said.

She has not attended a county board meeting in person since March 2020 due to the pandemic. 

Porter Wagner agreed with Schroeder but noted that the discussion item was a late addition to the meeting's agenda. He was willing to postpone the discussion to next month but reminded supervisors of the need "to practice what they preach."

Without naming specific people, Wagner said if a supervisor can't attend the county board meetings in person, then they shouldn't be out in the public visiting other places and especially shouldn't be going to other places without wearing a mask.

Ultimately, the county board took no action. The issue will be discussed by the county Administrative and Executive committees, with further discussion expected during the county board's May meeting. 

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