More than 5,000 Dubuque County residents now are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

New data released by the state Friday shows that 5,184 county residents have received the required two doses to be fully vaccinated. The total represents an increase of 316 from Thursday, and the county's total remains the fifth-highest in the state, trailing only Polk, Johnson, Linn and Scott counties.

Meanwhile, another 501 county residents had received their first dose of the vaccine as of Friday, pushing the total who have received just the first dose to 8,754.

The totals for neighboring counties as of Friday were:

  • Clayton County residents: 1,854 who have received one dose (an increase of 209 from Thursday); 780 fully vaccinated (an increase of three)
  • Delaware County residents: 1,310 who have received one dose (increase of 41); 763 fully vaccinated (an increase of 13)
  • Jackson County residents: 2,044 who have received one dose (increase of 45); 707 fully vaccinated (increase of 15)
  • Jones County residents: 1,722 who have received one dose (increase of 54); 998 fully vaccinated (increase of 54)

State public health officials reported today that as of Friday, 137,385 people statewide had been fully vaccinated. A total of 278,658 had received one dose so far.

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