LANCASTER, Wis. — The Grant County supervisor who tried, unsuccessfully, to fire the county’s health director two weeks ago said he was “surprised” when none of the other 16 county board members backed his motion.

Pat Schroeder proposed firing Jeff Kindrai in an effort to “restore unity in our county,” following a closed-door meeting by the county board members about Kindrai’s performance and employment.

Schroeder said he went into the closed session thinking that several other supervisors wanted to take action because of Kindrai’s directives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Schroeder said they “panicked” because they thought they wouldn’t have enough votes.

“I had one supervisor call me to apologize for not seconding my motion,” said Schroeder, without naming the supervisor.

According to Schroeder, many local residents are upset over how long a student has to be in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19 or showing symptoms.

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association is following guidelines from the CDC. Typically, the WIAA recommends a 14-day quarantine, but the organization also lists potential options to reduce quarantine.

They include that after seven days, a person who is asymptomatic and tests negative can return to activities.

However, the WIAA defers to local health officials.

That is what Schroeder says Grant County residents are most upset about.

They feel Kindrai has used his authority to always require the 14-day quarantine, even if a student-athlete tests negative and has received medical clearance after seven days.

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