DYERSVILLE, Iowa -- A popular celebrity softball game held at the Field of Dreams movie site in Dyersville will not take place in 2021. 

Officials announced today that the "Team of Dreams" event won't be held again this year, but it is expected to resume again in 2022. Prior to 2020, the softball game was held annually at the movie site and featured former Major League Baseball players, other retired athletes and a wide range of celebrities. 

Keith Rahe, president and CEO of Travel Dubuque, which organizes the event, said lingering concerns over COVID-19 prompted the event's cancellation again this year. In past years, the game and accompany events involving its participants have drawn around 5,000 attendees from all parts of the country. 

Rahe emphasized that multiple other events planned at the movie site will continue as planned, including the Aug. 12 game between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees.

A lineup of events surrounding that MLB game, collectively referred to as Beyond the Game, is also expected to take place on Aug. 11 and 12. A press release said a movie night, outdoor concert and more are being planned with input from area health professionals and leaders to develop a "COVID-conscious environment."

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