Amy Klobuchar

Presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., speaks at the 7 Hills Brewing Co. Events Center during a March 16 campaign stop in Dubuque.

Amy Klobuchar, 58, is a U.S. senator from Minnesota who has championed legislation to combat the opioid crisis and drug addiction, and to address the cost of prescription drugs.

She told a crowd of 225 at a Dubuque event center March 16 that she would make infrastructure a top priority if she's elected president. She also supports automatic voter registration, reducing the amount of money in politics, and reinstating climate regulations that were eliminated by the Trump administration.

Prior to serving in the U.S. Senate, Klobuchar was a partner at the law firms of Dorsey & Whitney and Gray Plant Mooty.