Police said a Dubuque man stabbed a business owner during a robbery attempt Friday night, but the owner fought back, hitting him with a drill and a display case. 

An injured Timothy R. Otis, 52, of 511 Garfield Ave., No. 201, was taken by ambulance to UnityPoint Health-Finley Hospital for treatment, then arrested on a charge of first-degree robbery.

Court documents state that Sari T.K. Al-Ammari, 37, reported that a man entered his store, Central Grocery and Beauty, 1572 Central Ave., at about 5:55 p.m. Friday, said something like "Empty the register" and then walked around the counter, displaying a knife. 

The man later identified as Otis then stabbed Al-Ammari in the ribs, documents state. 

"Al-Ammari then grabbed a nearby power drill and began swinging it at the subject in self-defense, striking the subject in the neck and face area, telling him to leave," documents state. "Al-Ammari reported then grabbing a nearby plastic display case and struck the subject over the head."

More customers entered the store, and Otis fled. Al-Ammari was taken by ambulance to MercyOne Dubuque Medical Center for treatment. 

Documents report that police used traffic cameras to track Otis from the store to a gangway to the rear of 1516 Central Avenue, where they located a trail of blood leading to 1516 1/2 Central Ave., No. 2. 

They reported finding Otis inside, wearing the same clothing as described by the store owner and as seen on the video. He also had "an abrasion to the top of his head, a bleeding laceration to the left side of his forehead and a bleeding scratch to his abdomen," as well as blood on his clothing.

He told police that he had been jumped in an alleyway but would not provide additional information. 

Police reported finding a knife with blood on it and a bloody face covering -- "consistent with the one Otis was wearing -- in a garbage can in the gangway.

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