There is no bottom to Republicans’ stupidity; they are now attacking members of their own party who voted in favor of the infrastructure bill by trying to strip them of committee assignments.

This after former President Trump called for an infrastructure week six times which he and his administration promoted because it sounded good at the State of Union message.

Trump was all in to work with the Democrats for a $2 trillion bill until they refused to drop an investigation into his behavior.

Why would Americans want clean water (free from lead) in Michigan, levees to protect the southern coastal states from being been hammered by violent storms (hurricanes), plans to recycle water for the Southwest states where it is desperately needed, or updates to our power grid which causes Senator Cruz to head off to Mexico when Texas lost power earlier this year? Are the Republicans against an infrastructure bill because they don’t want the rich to pay their fair share or any share at all? They would be all in if Trump would have presented a bill.

How did America lose its sense of true north? Did Trump ignite a cause to end our democracy (move us to an authoritarian government) allowing thugs to threaten all Americans?

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