According to the Feb. 24, 2023 edition of the Telegraph Herald, 4,137 Dubuque County residents will be at risk of losing their Medicaid benefits. How will this affect residents who live in adult-care facilities who rely on Medicaid for treatment and care? Many of our local adult-care facilities are non-profit, faith-based facilities. They do not have deep financial pockets to rely on to care for our loved-ones who cannot afford to pay on their own.

I am a board member at a local faith-based adult-care facility. Our father passed away at this same facility 10 years ago. Our family was lucky in that our father had the savings to afford to stay at this very loving and compassionate facility. We did not have to worry about our father relying on government-funded programs to have somewhere to live when he could no longer live on how own.

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This is what voting for Republicans gets you


you just hit a home run


100 % right Mr Beezerjo


Thank you so much for this wonderful letter. Many of these folks have been the backbone of our communities. The cost of nursing home care and long term illness can wipe out even those who think they have enough. These are not entitlement programs but rather what we as a country, a community should be doing for those most vulnerable. Do not let those in office who are truly the ones feeling entitled destroy help for these folks.

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