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Officials unveiled plans for an at-least-$75 million renovation to transform one of Dubuque’s casinos and add new amenities to the facility.

Officials today unveiled plans for an at least $75 million renovation to transform one of Dubuque's casinos and add new amenities to the facility. 

Officials with Q Casino shared a five-phase plan to renovate the facility. The total project is expected to cost $75 million to $80 million and should be completed by 2025. 

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Who Knows

Say good bye to Riverview Park.


Finally, someone is looking forward with some grand ideas instead of lets just do something without spending to much money, and then wondering why what we did doesn't fit tomorrow ! Five flags is one of those things that we thought small on, and now look at the mess & cost it has become and will be . When all is said and done that endeavor will not deliverer as a real money generator for the community .

Who Knows

I'm glad you have an endless stream of resources. Imagine the taxpayers living on fixed income. It all adds up.


The casino is footing the bill for most of the building and up grade re-build along with perhaps some federal money . As for the Five Flags centers mess that was as I mentioned done on the cheap long ago and now we are poised to spend millions more and it will still not be adequate . That is a waste of tax dollars at this point ! Question where were people like you when we needed a descent civic center when the cost would have been way less too have a adequate building ? Dubuque as a community has for way to long put off or delayed till it can't any longer needed projects because the argument by its taxpayers has been it cost way to much, only to pay double or three times as much down the road . Talk about being short sighted !

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