The preliminary hearing for a Dubuque County woman allegedly looking for someone to kill her father, is scheduled for 10:15 a.m. Tuesday, July 2, in Dubuque County District Court.

Capt. Bob Lynn, of the Dubuque County Sheriff's Department, said the motive was "unclear" of why Megan Schmidt, 23, wanted her father dead.

"We are still digging, looking at several theories regarding the motive," he said.


A Dubuque woman allegedly looking for someone to kill her father turned to Craigslist to find a possible hire but instead met with an undercover officer, according to police.

The Dubuque County Sheriff’s Department said Megan Schmidt, 23, posted an inquiry Saturday that offered $10,000 for an undisclosed job. Interested callers were then told upfront about the murder-for-hire job, said Capt. Bob Lynn.

“When you would respond to it, ‘Hey, I’m interested, what do you have?’ she would immediately inform these people that she would like her father killed,” Lynn said. “She openly gives out the job specifics to anybody that responded.”

Lynn said several people called authorities about Schmidt’s ad. An undercover officer responded to the post Sunday and met with Schmidt. Lynn said Schmidt gave the officer a photograph of her father and repeated the request to have him killed.

“Basically we came in and took her up on her offer,” Lynn said. “We made sure she was serious about this.”

Schmidt was arrested and is at the Dubuque County Jail on $50,000 cash-only bond. She faces felony charges of attempted murder and solicitation to commit murder. Court records do not list an attorney.

Lynn said Schmidt told callers that they would be paid the $10,000 after the job was done.

“Usually this is something that takes place in a seedy bar or something like that,” Lynn said. “Who utilizes Craigslist?”

Authorities are still investigating Schmidt’s motive.

“What was clear is she wanted it done as far as she was concerned,” he said.


A rural Dubuque woman faces charges of Attempted Murder and Solicitation to Commit murder for alleging using Craigslist to solicit the murder of her father.

Megan Schmidt, 23, of 9241 Pheasant Lane, was arrested Sunday.

According to the Dubuque County Sheriff's Department, investigators responded to the Craigslist advertisement, which led to a phone call with the suspect. Authorities say she offered an undercover officer $10,000 for her father's murder.

The undercover investigator then met with the suspect. Authorities say she provided the investigator with a photograph of her father and repeated the request to have him murdered.

Attempted Murder is a class B Felony. Solicitation to Commit Murder is a Class D felony.

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