DYERSVILLE, Iowa — A major Dyersville employer has commenced work on a new 93,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in the community.

Dave Buchheit, vice president of operations for Engineering Services and Products Co., said the new structure likely will be up and running by spring. The company has had a presence in Dyersville since 1997 and does business under multiple names, including FarmTek and ClearSpan Fabric Structures.

Buchheit said the new facility will be used to manufacture steel beams. These beams will be used in the tension fabric buildings that are sold by ClearSpan.

These structures serve as agriculture buildings and they have other commercial applications, ranging from sports facilities to storage and maintenance sheds.

ClearSpan previously used solely open-web trusses in their tension fabric buildings. Buchheit said the company will continue to sell buildings with these materials.

The steel manufacturing facility will allow the company to expand its product line.

“With this plant, we’ll be able to build something we do not build now,” he said. “It will enhance our leadership in the tension fabric building market.”

Buchheit said Engineering Service and Products Co. will make an overall investment of nearly $7 million in the new structure, located on the northwest side of the company’s 60-acre Dyersville campus.

He said the new structure will be “highly automated,” noting that machinery accounts for $2 million to $3 million of this investment.

Despite the emphasis on automation, Buchheit anticipates the new facility will result in additional jobs.

“I would think so, but we are not prepared yet to say how many,” he said.

Engineering Service and Products Co. currently employees 263 workers in Dyersville, Buchheit said.

He said support from the City of Dyersville has helped fuel the company’s growth.

“They have continued to support us since 1997 when we built our first building here,” he said. “I think they have created a great business environment.”

The Dyersville City Council recently approved a 15-year development agreement with Engineering Services and Products Co. Under the pact, 80 percent of incremental property taxes will be rebated to the company, according to City Administrator Mick Michel.

He said these rebates will be capped at $1.6 million.

Michel said the city is excited to “be a partner” in the company’s growth.

“We are pretty excited to hear they are growing the business and that they decided to do it in Dyersville,” he said. “They’ve been a major contributor to the Dyersville economy for 20-plus years now.”

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