The latest installation of Art @ your library is on display at Carnegie-Stout Public Library, 360 W. 11th St.

The upcycle-themed art show celebrates Earth Day and National Recycling Month, both in April, and highlights the use of repurposed and reused materials to create one-of-a-kind art pieces.

The show features the work of artists Daniel Aldeman, Arsh Pal, Mary Lutes and Katie Schutte.

Aldeman uses copper, stone and other natural materials that he finds along streams and rivers.

Pal is an 11-year-old artist who loves nature, animals and reading. Many of his paintings are on upcycled canvas or wood with use of sea shells, jewels and flowers.

Lutes upcycles napkins, flowers and makeup. Her “Save the Turtle” piece is made with upcycled bubble wrap, sponges and fish netting.

Schutte’s “The Stain” series is created by spraying paint through doilies. Her “The Memory” series follows the same process, but paper substrate is crocheted and stitched through. Her technique mimics various biological processes that can be found in nature.

The exhibit can be viewed through Tuesday, May 25.

For more information, contact 563-589-4225 or

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