“Frontline,” 9 p.m. on PBS

Two years in the making, a new episode called “Flint’s Deadly Water” examines an ongoing American health emergency that started during a 2014-15 outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in the predominantly black Michigan city. Nearly 100 people became sick during that period, and some of them died. In 2019, locals still rely on bottled water for their needs as their situation is stalled by partisan finger-pointing over where the blame lies.

“Code of the Wild,” 9 p.m.

on Travel

In upstate New York, Chris and Casey Keefer try to track down an elusive treasure: the lost fortune of mobster Dutch Schultz. According to treasure-hunter lore, Schultz’s minions buried a steel box filled with millions of dollars somewhere along the banks of the Esopus Creek near rustic small-town Phoenicia, N.Y.

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