Mayor of Houston suburb chosen by pulling a name from hat

Friendswood, Texas, Mayor Mike Foreman draws a name out of a hat held by outgoing Dickinson, Texas, Mayor Julie Masters to settle a tie between Dickinson mayoral candidates Jennifer Lawrence and Sean Skipworth on Thursday.

Mayor of Houston suburb chosen by pulling name from hat

DICKINSON, Texas — The race to be the mayor of a Houston suburb ended this week with the winner’s name being drawn from a top hat.

Sean Skipworth and Jennifer Lawrence were vying to be the next mayor of Dickinson, but they each ended up with 1,010 votes after a runoff election last month and a recount earlier this week.

According to Texas law, a tie in a race for public office can be resolved by casting lots.


Skipworth became mayor after a ping pong ball with his name was pulled out of a hat during a ceremony Thursday.

“I just thank everyone for coming out and voting,” Skipworth said after he became mayor. “Literally, every vote counted.”

Lawrence, meanwhile, said she trusted the process and believed the drawing “went how it was supposed to go.”

“I’ve had dozens and dozens of people praying about this,” she said. “I told Sean I would support him, and I will, and I think unity is the way to go to get stuff done.”

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