What's it worth on eBay: Where’s the remote?

If you lose a remote, odds are you can find a replacement on eBay.

We have become a nation on remote control. We use remotes for just about everything in our lives, from TVs, lights, stereos garage doors, ceiling fans and heaters.

Even some of our new ovens and refrigerators have voice control remotes. End tables covered with multiple remotes is common in most homes today.

Sometimes one goes missing and then the hunt is on. Most often, the missing controller is in the cushions of the couch or was taken to the bathroom and left on the counter, but occasionally, one goes missing and cannot be found.

I just searched “TV remote” on eBay. There were 221,667 listings for sale. Switching to “sold remotes in the last 30 days” found 37,629.

Finding a replacement for the one that went missing is as easy as a quick search on eBay. We recently listed this Sony RM-LJ304 remote control for sale and found a buyer at $50.

If you have an item and you would like to know what it is worth, send digital pictures with a brief description topaulhconnor@gmail.com; or make an appointment to visit 201 N. Commerce St., Galena, Ill. Check out www.ezsellusa.com.

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