Art @ your library’s exhibit for October and November will fill Carnegie-Stout Public Library’s second floor Rotunda through Monday, Nov. 25.

The exhibit at 360 W. 11th St. features painter and sculptor Jon Little, painter and ink drawer Miles Turner, painter Leah Steed and pop surrealist painter Erica Wilson. This experienced and young group of local artists offer contemporary works and surrealist art that follows a theme of “Gods and Monsters.”

• Little spends time in his studio creating artwork of blended artistic themes and cultures influenced by a childhood of travel and upheaval.

• Turner is best known for his public murals in downtown Dubuque, as well as his large scale artwork that takes viewers to the myth of the Wild Hunt, intended to captivate and inspire.

• At 16, Steed is the youngest artist and highlights pieces created in a realistic style with an impressionistic twist. Besides traditional paintings, Steed paints mural, stage sets and live paintings.

• Wilson’s artwork depicts a folk artistic influence that can be seen by presenting stories through her art, selected from Greek mythology.

The exhibit will be open during library hours.

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