Scarecrows will stand out in Galena

Submitted scarecrows should not be offensive, controversial or political in nature.

GALENA, Ill. — The Galena Center for the Arts is asking for scarecrows to be part of the Art That Stands Out in its Field exhibit.

With a theme of fashionista, scarecrows should be received between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 15, at the center, 219 Summit St.

The fashion forward or backward scarecrow creations will be installed in the field next to the center. Some also could be on a runway at various locations in town. They will be displayed until Sunday, Nov. 3.

The scarecrows should be appropriate in dress and not offensive, controversial or political in nature. If reviewed for changes, the creator has the option to modify the look or message, or remove the display. Keep in mind the scarecrows will be outdoors for about a month and in the weather.

There will be no security for the them, and the Galena Center for the Arts will not be responsible for any vandalism or theft.

You can purchase a scarecrow frame for $8, which covers the cost of the wood, from the center, as well.

To participate, call 779-214-0261 or email

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