What's it worth on eBay? Sweet-smelling sales of perfume and cologne

Ebay sales of colognes and perfumes often occur after cleaning out estates.

Ladies’ perfume and men’s cologne are found in almost every home.

While most people have their favorites, many own some that they received as gifts and never liked the fragrance, or they had just too much of the one they really liked and did not use.

When cleaning out estates, we often find full or partial used bottles of fragrances that warrant review for value.

A recent search on eBay for vintage perfume in the woman’s fragrance category found 18,549 items for sale, with several listed for thousands of dollars.

Refining that search to only sold listings, we have 7,647 items that have sold with prices ranging from a few dollars to several that sold for more than $1,000.

We recently had a client bring in three full 4-ounce bottles of Ralph Lauren Tuxedo Spray Cologne, with their original boxes.

We found sold listings ranging from $100 to $200 per bottle. We listed the cologne for sale with Buy It Now listings on eBay at $157.50 each and sold two of the three within 24 hours.

If you have an item and you would like to know what it is worth, send digital pictures with a brief description to paulhconnor@gmail.com; or make an appointment to visit 201 N. Commerce St., Galena, Ill. Check out www.ezsellusa.com.

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