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Title: “The Book of Ruth.”

Genre: Drama short.

Country: USA.

Run time: 14 minutes.

Director: Becca Roth.

Writer: Chen Drachman.

Producers: Caitlin Gold and Chen Drachman.

Synopsis: A huge family secret is revealed just in time for Passover. “The Book of Ruth” follows a family’s visit to their grandmother’s house on the night of the Seder. Later that night the granddaughter, Lizzy, confronts her grandma, Ruth, about something she’d suspected for years.

Behind the scenes: Tony and Emmy Award winner Tovah Feldshuh stars as Ruth, the grandmother with a secret.

Fans of “The Walking Dead” will remember Feldshuh from seasons five and six of the popular series for her portrayal of former politician Deanna Monroe, the leader of Alexandria.

Although “The Book of Ruth” has been on the festival circuit for a year, this will be its first physical premiere. The film was a 2020 selection, and was invited to return for an in-person premiere in 2021.

“It’s the first festival I get to attend, so indeed, it’s very exciting and special,” said writer and producer Chen Drachman.

The film took five years to make, with a crew of 95% women, many of whom were immigrants and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

With a grandmother and granddaughter at it center, the audience will see a family dynamic not often portrayed on screen.

“I’d love for audiences to discuss the reasoning behind Ruth’s decisions and whether or not they agree with her,” Drachman said. “I’d love for them to talk about the importance of family, memory, learning from the past and even a little bit about the dark side of fame.”

Drachman, who wrote and co-produced the film, also stars as granddaughter Lizzy.

Michelle London

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