A Dubuque native and Voices Productions mural artist will open a New York City exhibition this week.

Thérèse Mulgrew’s “Unfolding” will open on Thursday, Feb. 13, and will run through Sunday, March 15, at Freight + Volume.

The exhibition depicts female and male subjects in various states of undress against a restrained floral backdrop.

According to her artist’s statement, Mulgrew paints women in an effort to confront fear of female bodies and sexuality, with consistent backgrounds and shadows unifying her work. Mulgrew’s subjects often include family or close friends, using painting as a vehicle to develop a “completely new lens on their identities and emotional complexities, as if I was meeting them for the first time.”

Based in Chicago, Mulgrew is the daughter of Dubuque artist and mural project director Sam Mulgrew and Wendy Rolfe.

Previous exhibitions have been at Femme Fatale in Brooklyn. Her Voices Productions mural, “T.J.M. Still Life,” located at 30 Main St., was painted in 2019.