What's it worth on eBay? Tea time sounds good

This English tea pot dates back to the 1820s.

Would you like a spot of tea? This is an invitation that is as English as our early 1800s English silverplated tea pot.

To have a spot of tea would be like having a cup of coffee to us colonials. The English relish their afternoon tea times, that most often would include an array of fine pastries.

To take afternoon tea sounds like a great idea. It would be a chance to pause, rest, relax and converse over a cup of hot tea, a welcome opportunity in our crazy nonstop world of today.


Recently, we listed for sale this fine English tea pot adorned with elaborate engraved design and a carved wood silver wrapped handle. It was footed with a matching silverplated tray.

The hallmarks dated this to around 1827 eBay bidders set the final value at $626.99.

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