DES MOINES — Any Iowa student who wants to attend a private school could use public money to pay for tuition or other expenses under a plan passed Tuesday by the Legislature and quickly signed into law by Gov. Kim Reynolds, making the state the third to pass a measure that allows such spending with few restrictions.

Republicans approved the bill despite objections from Democrats and others who argued the new education savings accounts would lead to reduced funding for public schools. Reynolds, who made the private school funding measure one of her top priorities after failing to pass similar but less-expansive proposals twice before, signed the bill at an event backed by supporters and students.

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Just a thinly disguised smear piece from the leftist AP, given top billing by the TH, who oppose giving parents any rights to use their tax money to make their own education choices. AP and TH believe in the Dictatorship of Teacher Unions.


If you wan to send your kid to a private school then YOU can pay for it, not our already underfunded schools.


Hey glorious you libs get it. If you want to send your kids to a private school you pay for it. Ive paid 50 years of school property tax and NEVER had a kid go. Ill take my refund buddy when you and other public users pay me back. Government can charge me because they write the laws. Well government just decieded to fund another. BOO HOO


You only seem to support tax-subsidized things that support your cult. This legislation is disgusting.

The AP is literally in the business of reporting the most un-politicized, fact-based media out there. If you think it's "leftist" then you're just self-reporting how off the deep end you really are.


I'm torn on this, and want to learn more about the potential positive and negative. But typically when sweeping change is passed by one party in a short amount of time with very little buy in from the opposition it always seems to work out well. By the way, anyone know how to start a charter school? I have a business idea.

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