Woman charged with neglect after surrendering dead dog

ANKENY, Iowa — An Iowa woman has been charged with animal neglect after bringing a dead dog and a starving puppy to an animal shelter.

Amber Jane Robinson, 39, of Ankeny, was charged after she brought both dogs to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa on April 24.

The complaint against Robinson said the dead black Labrador was extremely skinny and covered in its own waste when it was brought in. A 9-month-old German Shepherd puppy she also brought in was extremely dehydrated and its ribs and spine protruded prominently from its body.

The complaint said a veterinarian technician estimated that the dead dog would have had to have been left unattended for three to four weeks to reach the state it was in, and officials said it died of starvation. The puppy needed immediate medical attention.

According to court documents, Robinson admitted to inadequately caring for her dog.

Robinson is scheduled to have her first court appearance June 14.

Illinois puts $15M into 2 advanced academies

NORMAL, Ill. — Illinois will spend $15 million on two academies that will train hundreds of workers in advanced manufacturing skills, with the first students enrolling later this year, Gov. J.B. Pritzker said.

The advanced manufacturing academies will be located at Heartland Community College in the central Illinois community of Normal and at Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville, near St. Louis.

The $15 million comes from Illinois’ capital plan, Pritzker’s office said Wednesday. Other funding will come from regional partners and employers such as Rivian, which has an electronic-vehicle assembly plant in Normal. The company is providing $1.5 million to create the Electric Vehicle-Energy Storage Manufacturing Training Academy at Heartland Community College.

“This project will help prepare local workers for the well-paid, technical jobs that the clean energy transition requires,” said James Chen, the company’s vice president of public policy and chief regulatory counsel.

Southwestern Illinois College will break ground this year on the Advanced Manufacturing Center. A 3,100-square-foot lab space will provide new computers and other specialized equipment, with new students starting there by the fall of 2022. The school plans to create a diverse recruitment program to ensure more minority and women students enroll, officials said.

College President Nick Mance said the new academy will strengthen efforts to train students for highly skilled, in-demand careers that pay well.

“In light of the unemployment rate and economic distress in the area, it is more crucial than ever that students embark on a viable career pathway that leads directly to steady employment paying a living wage or better,” Mance said.

Police say man interfered with shooting investigationIOWA CITY — An Iowa City man has been charged with trying to hinder the investigation of a fatal shooting that took place in his apartment.

Mazin Mohamedali, 20, was arrested Saturday in connection with the Feb. 12 shooting of Quincy Russom, 19. Another man, 22-year-old Sammy Hamed, is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting.

According to court documents, police say Mohamedali knew Hamed had killed Russom and waited 30 minutes to call 911. Police also said Mohamedali lied during questioning, gave a false description to officers and withheld some information that would have led investigators to Hamed more quickly.Mohamedali was arrested Saturday on the misdemeanor charge of being an accessory to the homicide and released later that day.

Previously, Mohamedali was arrested on several drug charges after investigators searched his apartment as part of the shooting investigation. Police said they found marijuana and ecstasy pills in the apartment during the Feb. 24 search.

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