UN probing 35 North Korean cyberattacks in 17 countries

UNITED NATIONS — U.N. experts say they are investigating at least 35 instances in 17 countries of North Koreans using cyberattacks to illegally raise money for its nuclear program — and they are calling for sanctions against ships providing gasoline and diesel to the country.

Last week, The Associated Press reported that North Korea illegally acquired “as much as two billion dollars” from its increasingly sophisticated cyber activities against financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges, quoting the experts’ summary.

Their lengthy report, recently seen by AP, reveals that neighboring South Korea was hardest-hit, the victim of 10 cyberattacks, followed by India with three, and Bangladesh and Chile with two each.

Thirteen countries suffered one attack — Costa Rica, Gambia, Guatemala, Kuwait, Liberia, Malaysia, Malta, Nigeria, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Tunisia and Vietnam, it said.

Mexico says organized crime present at ports, customs

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s president is acknowledging that organized crime gangs are in control of certain customs stations and ports and says his government is working to fix that.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says “one of the most infiltrated” points is the port of Manzanillo in Colima state. But he says “everything is being cleaned up.”

There have been repeated complaints of corruption in Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas. Both Pacific coast ports are arrival points for precursor chemicals to make methamphetamine.

There have also been problems at border crossings in Tamaulipas state, across from Texas, where most commerce with the United States transits along with illicit drugs and weapons.

López Obrador said Monday the customs system was “very rotten” and “taken over” by crime gangs and officials who were their accomplices.

Parts of U.S. grapple with heat wave

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Forecasters are warning about days of scorching, dangerous heat gripping a wide swath of the U.S. South and Midwest, where the heat index on Monday eclipsed 120 degrees in one town and climbed nearly that high in others.

With temperatures around 100 degrees at midday and “feels like” temperatures soaring even higher, parts of 13 states were under heat advisories, from Texas, Louisiana and Florida in the South to Missouri and Illinois in the Midwest, the National Weather Service reported.

“It feels like hell is what it feels like,” said Junae Brooks, who runs Junae’s Grocery in Holly Bluff, Miss. Around her, many of her customers kept cool with wet rags around their necks or by wearing straw hats.

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